How to Advertise

Basic Listing List in 1 category with name, address, phone, links to email and website, business logo OR photograph.
$55 per year

Level 1 - Multiple Listings
(Standard Size 150 x 75 pixels - see example)

List in up to 3 categories to increase your website presence.
Includes business name, address, phone, fax, mobile, links to email and website, business logo OR photograph.
Just $110 per year

Community Groups $55 per year

Level 2 - Banner Advertising*
(Standard Size 200 x 60 pixels - see example)
ADD full colour animated banner on your category listing.
Just $220 per year
* Larger Banner advertising also available on title pages

Level 3 - Home Page
For example: Visit www.dalby.info/dalbymuseum

Home page including text and up to 3 images. Web Address: www.dalby.info/YourBusiness
Just $440 + Annual Hosting fee of $110 - More pages or updates are available at extra cost.

Level 4 - Website
For example: Visit www.pjwaters.com.au

Domain Name registration as www.YourBusiness.com.au with all website design, development and marketing services.
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NOTE: Entries in the Community and Business Directory relate to towns in the Dalby district including Jimbour, Jandowae, Kaimkillenbun, Bell and Warra.